Meeting with the Hungarian Consulate General in Shanghai, Szilard Bolla, today.

He introduced me to Steve Back from Hungary who is Director of Operations for BRISC, a digital technology company that make the interactive “Digital Wall”, specifically designed for museums, based in Shanghai.

今天与匈牙利驻上海总领事馆Szilard Bolla会面。

他向我介绍了来自匈牙利的Steve Back,他是BRISC的运营总监,是一家数字技术公司,专门为上海的博物馆设计互动式“数字墙”。

The Pudong part of Shanghai is incredibly green, clean and high tech designed for future generations rather than just the current one. Taxi back to the Bund, you can still see the contrast between the old and the new Shanghai.

上海的浦东部分是非常绿色,清洁和高科技为后代而不仅仅是现在的。 出租车回到外滩,你仍然可以看到新旧上海之间的对比。

The next morning I had a meeting at the Shanghai Science and Technology Museum.

I met with the Director of Exhibitions regarding the new Shanghai Planetarium being built.


It will be completed this year but not expected to open to public until 2021 when the interior exhibitions are completed.

Pictures below were not taken by me.


I flew into Wuhan China late that night. I have visited here a few times in the past few years. I was shocked to see how extensive the vertical development of housing has occurred and is still undergoing construction on a massive scale.

那天晚上我飞到了武汉。 在过去的几年里,我曾多次访问过这里。 令我震惊的是,住房的纵向发展已经发生了多么广泛,并且仍在大规模建设中。

This region was originally farmed with rice fields, fish farms and marshes. Wuhan now has a population of over 11 million people. 


I had been invited at short notice to lecture at a Geoscience Conference by Guanghua Liu. Other speakers include Stuart Mills (Museum Victoria) Robert Lavinsky (The Arkenstone) and Ralf Walter from Germany (Paleotek), Jeffrey A. Scovil as well as a few others I can’t remember.

我被邀请在短时间内被刘光华在地球科学会议上演讲。 其他演讲者包括 Stuart Mills(Museum Victoria)Robert Lavinsky(The Arkenstone)和来自德国(Paleotek)的Ralf Walter,Jeffrey A. Scovil以及其他一些我不记得的人。

Geoscience Conference
Wuhan — China

I was in Wuhan, China, making a presentation at a Geoscience Conference about the National Dinosaur Museum and other Dinosaur Parks around the world.


I left later that day for Beijing for meetings with the Geological Museum of China as well as other academic and research institutions. There were numerous other presentations by International speakers as well as local academics.

那天晚些时候我离开北京去与中国地质博物馆以及其他学术和研究机构会面。 国际演讲者和当地学者也有许多其他演讲。

With Stuart Mills, Robert Lavinsky. Jeffrey A. Scovil, Ralf Walter , Richard and his daughter Billie Hughes. Many thanks to Guanghua Liu and staff for all the effort is organising the event. And thanks to Michael Daeché for helping with my PowerPoint presentation as I was travelling most of the time.

斯图尔特米尔斯,罗伯特拉文斯基。 Jeffrey A. Scovil,Ralf Walter,Richard 和他的女儿 Billie Hughes。 非常感谢刘光华和全体员工为此举办的活动。 感谢Michael Daeché 在我大部分时间旅行时帮助我的 PowerPoint 演示文稿。

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