It’s nice to be able to avoid the crowds to enter the show. Lots of security and police present, with traffic closed to special vehicles. I used the rear entrance which is not as grand.

很高兴能够避开人群进入节目。 许多安全和警察出现,交通关闭特殊车辆。 我使用的后门不是很大。

It’s an amazing exhibition with outstanding Chinese and international minerals, meteorites and fossils on display and sale, as was some very pretty ladies “guarding” the mineral displays.


Amazing Zeolite minerals from India with Superb Minerals. Indian minerals are well represented at this show.

来自印度的超级矿物质的惊人沸石矿物。 印度矿产在这个节目中有很好的代表性。

I was running late for dinner though we dined with numerous international guests including Ambassadors from many South American countries; Cuba, Venezuela, Brazil as well as Spain. It was nice chatting with Wilson Domingues, Ambassador from the Brazilian Embassy.

虽然我和很多国际客人共进晚餐,包括来自南美许多国家的大使,但我还是晚饭吃晚饭。 古巴,委内瑞拉,巴西以及西班牙。 很高兴与巴西大使馆的大使威尔逊多明格斯聊天。

19 May — Open to General Public

Today is general public day, big crowds…

It was a tiring day for many sellers with customers offering to buy specimens for 1/5 of marked prices.

One regular who hassles me every year, I handed her a 1 RMB note ( 20¢ AUD ) and then I explained that it would be her profit for the day.

I then told her my prices were 5 x the real price, she eventually left quite annoyed. I had to smile.

然后我告诉她我的价格是实际价格的5倍,她最终离开了很生气。 我不得不微笑。

I can haggle fluently in Mandarin which surprises many customers, but it really helps a lot when I’m trying to buy, though I can never get that 50% discount which they expect me to sell my specimens for.
Lots of what appears to be fake Tektite. Still trying to verify them…

  很多看似假的Tektite。 仍在尝试验证它们。

And that’s a wrap.

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