People often ask me about how safe Mexico is…
Having traveled here for over 20 years, I have never been robbed or felt unsafe as a tourist or as an explorer in the field. But I have relied on guides as well as good local advice. 

Saying all that… I’m currently being driven around in a Land Rover that has bullet proof windows and Kevlar lined interior including full engine protection.

Being wealthy in Mexico is dangerous. I stay in a gated community that has 24 hour camera surveillance, with security guards moving throughout the area at night.

在这里旅行了20多年,我从来没有像旅游者或在该领域的探险家那样被抢劫或感到不安全。 但我依靠指南以及当地的好建议。


在墨西哥富裕是危险的。 我住在一个有24小时摄像头监控的封闭式社区,夜间整个区域都有保安人员。

Cretaceous fossil fish quarries in Tepexic Puebla state, Mexico.

The quarries are mined for paving and roofing sand stone, formed in tidal mudflats during the Cretaceous period 100 millions years ago.


Posted by Thomas Kapitany on Saturday, March 16, 2019

All the specimens found are donated to the university for study, over the last 60 years over 10,000 specimens have been found. The numbers in the quarry wall are references to identify which layers the fossils are found, as well as which quarry site.

所有发现的标本都捐赠给了大学进行研究,在过去的60年里,已发现超过10,000个标本。 采石场墙壁上的数字是参考,以确定找到化石的哪些层,以及哪个采石场。

There is a small museum in town and there were many real fossils and some replicas that explains the geology of the area. A flamingo as well as reptiles and turtles are found here as well.

镇上有一个小型博物馆,有许多真正的化石和一些复制品,可以解释该地区的地质情况。 这里还有火烈鸟以及爬行动物和海龟。

Museo de la Evolucion Puebla City, Puebla State Mexico 

Where size matters. One of Rosie’s distant relatives.

I visited here about two years ago. They bought all the “Deep Time” geology specimens from Crystal World.

两年前我去过这里。 他们从水晶世界购买了所有“深度时间”地质标本。

It’s a nice museum, located in the Museum district. I wasn’t excited by all the coloured lights that changed regularly. It was redesigned on a low budget after decades of neglect . Attendance is about 250,000 people per year. We were looking at options of how to use vacant areas within the museum.

这是一个很好的博物馆,位于博物馆区。 我对所有经常变化的彩色灯光并不感到兴奋。 经过数十年的忽视,它在低预算下进行了重新设计。 每年约有250,000人参加。 我们正在寻找如何使用博物馆内空置区域的选项。

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