Arrived Mexico City midday. Daniel Alejandro, a Facebook friend and mineral collector made a special visit to the airport just to meet me. He presented me a Creedite specimen from Navidad Mexico.
I only had a brief moment to chat to him as my driver Ana needed to get me to Tehuacan before 4 PM when I had a radio interview with Marcus from a Utah radio station about Rosie the Shark. I was staying with Susana Schnaider and Luis Haghenbeck from Mineralia, before heading to Oaxaca State.

中午抵达墨西哥城。 Facebook的朋友和矿物收藏家丹尼尔亚历杭德罗特地访问了机场,只是为了和我见面。 他向我展示了墨西哥纳维达的Creedite标本。
我只有一个短暂的时刻和他聊天,因为我的司机Ana需要在下午4点之前让我去Tehuacan,当时我在犹他州广播电台收听了关于Rosie the Shark的Marcus电台采访。 在前往瓦哈卡州之前,我和Mineralia的Susana Schnaider和Luis Haghenbeck住在一起。

Oaxaca state, Mexico.

Tepelmeme villa de Morelos is a bioreserve with very unique flora and fauna. After driving about an hour we picked up our guide and permits to enter the area.

Tepelmeme villa de Morelos 别墅是一个拥有独特植物群和动物群的生物保护区。 开车大约一个小时后,我们拿起导游并准许进入该区域。

We had a flat tyre early in the trip which was a saga as we didn’t have the key for the spare tyre lock or the tool to remove the security bolt on the wheel. With some local help, bolt cutters and tools we eventually resolved all issues.

我们在行程的早期有一个爆胎,这是一个传奇,因为我们没有备用轮胎锁的钥匙或用于拆卸车轮上的安全螺栓的工具。 通过一些本地帮助,断线钳和工具,我们最终解决了所有问题。

The drive was amazing with millions of Pachyceras columnare lining both sides of the road, mountains and valleys. Lots of palms, tillandsias, agaves and other cactus can be seen on our three hour hike.

驱动器令人惊叹,数百万的Pachyceras柱子覆盖了道路两侧,山脉和山谷。 在我们的三小时徒步旅行中可以看到很多棕榈树,耕种,龙舌兰和其他仙人掌。

Cretaceous Dinosaur footprints surrounded by amazing cactus, lunch outdoors, carved onyx dinosaurs, and a brief visit to the Tehuacan museum, where I consulted 2 years ago.

With the new government in place, Science appears to be a low priority, creating much uncertainly and cancellation of numerous museum projects here in Mexico…



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