The whole crew and I had spent the day working on Rosie and her tank.
We removed all the rubbish, the gravel and toxic formaldehyde.


Tomorrow we have to start remove the rust and clean her tank carefully.
Rosie will be available for viewing in the mornings, with late afternoon sun a problem, so we have to protect her from it.


Michael Daeché of Flying Fox Productions has been filming the process, with a documentary under way.

It was a tough day for Shane McAlister and I, working with respirators and protective suits inside the tank, it was 34˚C outside, not sure how hot it was in my protective suit. 

对于Shane McAlister和我来说这是艰难的一天,在坦克内部使用呼吸器和防护服,外面是34˚C,不知道我的防护服有多热。

We found two of the teeth in the gravel that vandals tried to steal.
Her largest tooth is a replica as it was taken when she was first caught and killed 20 years ago.. — If anyone knows where it is , I would love to buy it back!!

她最大的牙齿是20年前第一次被捕并被杀死时的复制品。 – 如果有人知道它在哪里,我很乐意买回来!

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