An evening at the museum. Museum Victoria has one or two donor events each year, but as I’m always traveling I normally miss them.

I flew back from Mexico to “save” Rosie the Shark. She seems to be in better shape now after a few days of difficult work.

在博物馆的一个晚上。 维多利亚博物馆每年都有一两个捐赠活动,但由于我一直在旅行,我通常会想念他们。

我从墨西哥飞回来拯救罗西鲨鱼。 经过几天艰苦的工作后,她现在看起来状态更好了。

I met John Canning and a few old friends there. It was great to meet Tim, one of the scientists who specialised in Brittle Starfish research. 

Thanks to Dermot Henry who called to remind me of the event. 
We had a brief tour of some exhibit areas I rarely visit. It was a very pleasant evening. I fly back to Mexico this weekend for about three weeks. 

我在那里遇到了约翰坎宁和几个老朋友。 很高兴见到蒂姆,他是专门研究脆性海星研究的科学家之一。

我们简要介绍了一些我很少去的展览区。 这是一个非常愉快的夜晚。 我本周末飞回墨西哥大约三个星期。

– Tom Kapitany

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