My bags are packed and I’m ready to go… 
It’s been a crazy week or so. One last check up of Rosie then on my way to Canberra for a day planning the new garden display after the big Trex move.

这是一个疯狂的一周左右。 最后一次检查Rosie,然后在前往堪培拉的路上进行为期一天的规划,在大暴龙移动之后计划新的花园展示。

After Canberra I fly Sydney, Dallas, Mexico City and then drive to Tehuacan Mexico. I had to break my original USA trip to help my staff with Rosie. And she certainly needed lots of help.

在堪培拉之后,我飞往悉尼,达拉斯,墨西哥城,然后开车去墨西哥的特瓦坎。 我不得不打破我原来的美国之旅,帮助罗西的员工。 她当然需要很多帮助。

We had World wide media attention, though we had to upgrade all our security systems to ensure she is monitored 24/7 as a consequence. I will do a half hour talk on a syndicated radio station based in Utah, U.S.A, shortly after I arrive in Mexico.

尽管我们必须升级所有安全系统以确保她受到全天候监控,但我们引起了全世界媒体的关注。 在我抵达墨西哥后不久,我将在美国犹他州的一个联合广播电台上进行半小时的谈话。

Once arrived, a perfect day in Canberra at the National Dinosaur Museum.
Meeting with David Barker, the new General Manager, and Peter Cusak, our landlord, about the new expanded dinosaur garden we are planning to build, as well as the new developments within the whole complex. It will take a few months to design and complete the new area.

与新任总经理David Barker和我们的房东Peter Cusak会面,讨论我们计划建造的新扩建的恐龙花园,以及整个建筑群内的新开发项目。 设计和完成新区域需要几个月的时间。

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