Hank Ebes and I began our journey to the Tucson Gem & Mineral show, taking the scenic route through the San Carlos Indian Reservation, Apache country.

Giant cacti (saguaro) and magnificent landscapes.

Hank Ebes 和我开始了我们的图森宝石和矿物展览之旅,沿着风景优美的路线穿过阿帕奇国家的圣卡洛斯印第安人保护区。


We arrived very early to have some rest before the show. With our airfreight arriving surprisingly fast, we had to pick it up before the airline began charging storage fees.

Many of the big tents had been set up for the show, with many more smaller tents still to come.

我们很早就来到展会前休息了一下。 随着我们的空运到达速度惊人,我们不得不在航空公司开始收取存储费之前拿起它。


Hank and I caught up with Bill Barker, who maintains a permanent shop there.

With crew arriving later in the week, setup would begin on the following Monday. Lots to do!


随着工作人员在本周晚些时候到达,设置将在下周一开始。 很多事情要做!

Geologist Tom Kapitany with shop owner Bill Parker at Sahara Sea Collection

– Tom Kapitany

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