My carry on suitcase was packed and on the road again to warmer climates.


This had been an odd show, with cold weather, slow sales and I that had not been feeling very well, so it was difficult for me to get around the 50 or so shows in Tucson. 


Lots of faces of friends met over the last 30 years and a few new ones from Facebook. 

I’m off to Mexico knowing full well that the invasion of criminals and drug dealers across the “Wall” to the USA will make Mexico slightly safer. We still have the bullet hole in our hotel room wall in Tucson that hasn’t been repaired.

在过去的30年里,很多朋友的面孔和 Facebook 的一些新面孔相遇。

我非常清楚地知道,通过“墙”到美国的罪犯和毒贩的入侵将使墨西哥稍微安全一些。 我们在图森的酒店房间墙上还有一个未经修复的弹孔。

– Tom Kapitany

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